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Terms & Conditions

Payment terms:

The respective amount for the coaching is to be paid in advance in advance.


Coaching appointments are binding.

Appointments can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance and the entire session price refunded.

If you cancel between 48 and 24 hours before the appointment, 50% of the session price will be refunded, if you cancel later or if you do not show up, a refund is not possible.



Coaching is a service in the psychological field. It includes strategies for self-management, building relationships with other people and optimizing performance. Coaching is aimed at healthy people and is financed by them themselves. Coaching processes are learning processes, are based on trust and take time. The intrinsic components of coaching include the willingness to question yourself, to take responsibility for problems you have caused yourself and their consequences, to try out new perspectives and behavioral options, to be guided, to accept objective and subjective limits and the will to be coached - To achieve the goal actively and consistently.


1. The coaching contract


The coaching contract is created after an analysis of the actual situation and the desired target state of the client, the submission of a coaching offer and the conclusion of a written coaching contract.


2. Duty of disclosure


In order to enable optimal conditions for the behavior and attitude changes, as well as all necessary learning processes, it is necessary that the client reveals himself adequately and completely to his coach and answers all questions to the best of his knowledge and belief. The customer is responsible for any consequences that arise from providing incomplete or untrue information.

3. Liability


The coach is responsible for providing his coaching to the best of his knowledge. Guarantee claims and claims for damages by the client are excluded. Consequences that arise from the fact that the client provides incomplete or untrue information must be borne by himself. Likewise, the client has to bear the consequences that arise from the non-fulfillment of the agreed “coaching homework” as well as the failure to implement the developed solutions.


4. Usage Rights


Coaching concepts and documents are protected by copyright. The rights of use lie with the coach. Reproduction is excluded. The documents are only intended for the personal use of the clients. Any further use requires the approval of the coach.
Publication - even in extracts - is prohibited and can be prosecuted.


5.Special features arising from other business interests of the coach (conflicts of interest)


The coach reserves the right to refuse clients who are not possible due to other business obligations of the coach (overlapping interests in certain areas of activity or similar reasons). There is no willingness on the part of the coach to discuss topics (including political and legal origins) that could arise from other areas of activity of the coach. 

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